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 Meet Carrie Meckler
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist-Associate

I know that life can be difficult at times or even all the time. "Why is this happening to me, is this suppose to happen to my body, should I feel this way, what does this mean, will I get over this" are often many of the questions that cross your mind. My approach is helping you overcome your difficulties and conflict in a safe space; I will meet with you as a person and not as a problem. Counseling is not a quick fix; it takes a lot of effort and dedication. 

I am an outpatient therapist at Reframe Counseling Services in Holly Springs. I do have credentials and degrees but I am also a person, with a strong personality and even I have struggles from time to time. 

I like to share a little bit about my story especially on the positive impact that counseling had on me from a young age. I still remember that my counselors’ name was Beth and she had a dog named Midori. One of the challenges I experienced in middle school and high school, was not fitting in AKA feeling rejected. This was such a tough time for me that lasted several years. My self-esteem and self-worth were so low, and I could not find the energy or enjoyment in life that I used to feel. I always felt I was giving my mom such a hard time; I refused to go to school for 20 days in a row, drank alcohol to cope and dropped from a 3.5 GPA to a 1.5 GPA in a semester. My mom stayed by my side and never gave up on me; she knew that I could make it through and be my old self again.


Due to the help of my family and counselor (Beth) I was always able to pick back up and keep working towards my goals (get good grades, go to college, find a boyfriend). What I gained from these experiences helped me develop into who I am today; I know I need positive supports, hobbies, self-care, and goals. I have personal experience with depression, and I also have experience with learning who I am and to love myself.

The main theories that I work with are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Sometimes talk therapy can be boring so I love adding in walking, gardening, homework, videos (if wanted) to our time together. I am open to seeing anyone that would like help achieving their goals whether you are a child, adolescent or an adult. I do believe in overall wellness and that the mind and body do need to communicate to work together. 

I have 10 years of experience working in community mental health, hospitals and residential treatment facilities. I have spent a considerable amount of time in leadership roles along with case management roles within mental health. If you need recommendations for a doctor, group or treatment option, I have a head full of resources. 

Lastly, I do believe in finding a good fit to create a trusting and respectful relationship; I am happy to offer a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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