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Payment Options 


Out of Network Payment Options

  • Rates

    • $250 for Initial Intake Session

    • $200 for Individual Session

    • $220 for Couples Counseling

  • For clients wishing to use flexible spending funds, we are more than happy to create a itemized receipt or superbill that can be used for reimbursement

  • There are several benefits in using private pay for therapy; more privacy, mental health diagnosis is not mandatory and there is no limit on amount of sessions.

  • There will not be any medical or mental health diagnosis in your history or your file.

  • When using private pay, clients are able to choose the length of session, frequency

Insurances accepted

  • BCBS (FAQ for BCBS)

  • Tricare Certified

  • I do not accept BCBS Blue Home, in which, this would be self pay

Out of network

If you are using your out of network benefits, we encourage you to call your insurance to ask about your benefits. We are glad to provide a superbill, per request, to provide to your insurance provider.

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