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Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, Addiction


"I really want to stop drinking but I don’t know how. My boyfriend keeps breaking up with me because I smoke all the time. I don’t remember much of last night. I don’t know if my problem is drugs and alcohol, or if its depression, no one knows. I have tried Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and it didn't work, nothing works. ” Have these thoughts recently happened to you or a loved one?

Admitting you may have a problem with alcohol or drugs is the first step in getting help. It may be hard to process by yourself, how to stop, what kind of help do I need, or even do I have a problem. Through Motivational Interviewing and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, I can help clients identify their readiness to change and overcome the internal battle over whether one wants to quit or not. If you don't feel ready to stop, how we can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep relationships. 

Talking to someone about your feelings and relationship with alcohol/drugs can be difficult. If you have tried AA or other resources, and it hasn't got better, maybe give individual therapy a try. My goal is to be approachable, nonjudgemental and helpful to you in your journey with alcohol and drugs. 

I have been a Substance Abuse Counselor since 2011 and worked in a number of different settings; detox, 28 day inpatient treatment, psychiatric care and outpatient. I am knowledgable about helping loved ones' with alcoholic issues as well. 

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