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Individual Therapy

"Are you struggling getting out of bed and feeling hopeless? Has trying to be in control, and trying to be perfect, or other unhealthy coping skills, become a way of life? Nothing is good enough. You know you can’t keep going on like this and are ready for a change. Asking for help is difficult and can be an overwhelming process."


Individual therapy is a time where you can freely express your feelings and thoughts in a safe space that stays between you and I (your therapist). Therapy can be expressed in many ways, most commonly, talk therapy. Often therapy can be a lengthy process sharing your feelings and dynamics with another person

When working with preteens, adolescents and adults I use in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. When working with trauma, I use Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I have experience treating mood disorders, anxiety, conflict, suicidal ideation and self-harm by teaching ways to regulate your emotions (anger, mood fluctuations), decrease impulsivity, become self aware and identify irrational thoughts. There is a strong relationship between your mind and your body, and I like to help explore how they work together through cognitive patterns and mindfulness.

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