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You love your children and are starting to feel that maybe you need outside help for your family. Counseling helps parents address every day challenges that can come up with your children. Whether your child is feeling down, you recently separated or you want to learn to set boundaries- connecting with a professional can help you better understand yourself and your child. 


I do like to check-in with parents at each session. Parenting can be difficult, at times, especially when your son/daughter is struggling, hurting or acting out but it is essential. I provide support and resources to parents who need a few improvements in the home, are coparenting together or just cannot figure out how to get their child to listen. 


Without parent participation, skills that your child learns in session may not be practiced outside of my office. I want to give parents as many tools as I can to improve communication and relationships in the household. 


My goal is to empower parents to be proactive and to engage in positive discipline effectively, to help parents and your family find comfort, confidence or joy. 

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