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Depression/Mood Disorders

"Why have I lost motivation in school/work and no longer want to hang out with my friends? I cannot sleep anymore and all I can do is eat. I feel hopeless and alone. This doesn't happen to anyone else" Are these questions you find yourself asking yourself? 


Covid has affected us in so many ways and we do not know to deal with all these new things. Life events, transitions and stress can trigger or worsen feelings of upset or sadness where you may need or want to ask for someone to help. 

Being bullied or put down by family or friends, fired from a job, unrealistic job expectations, losing a loved one or coping with pressure (to name a few) can make you feel overwhelmed in emotions where you find yourself crying, going to bed early and barely eating. These are symptoms of mood disorders and you are not alone. 

Mood disorders can be treated with success using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. These therapies are focused on regulating ones' emotions,improving interpersonal relationships, while identifying stressors and learning new coping skills. 

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