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Family Therapy

"Are you struggling communicating with your children? Are the older two children making the youngest child feel left out? Are you introducing your kids to your someone important to you? Is one your siblings still in contact with your parent and you aren't?"


Family therapy is necessary to address family concerns and to explore family’s healing process. The most common reasons for seeking family therapy is parent-child conflict, sibling rivalry, trauma and grief along, divorce, blended families.

Family therapy may seem scary at first; but my goal is to help your family find strategies to develop boundaries, foster cohesion and reduce family conflict.


During family therapy, you will be in a safe environment where rules are suggested including taking turns, allowing each other to speak and hear each other and having a mediator (myself) to help express what you are trying to say. Sometimes you may think you understand what you are trying to say but my goal is to help your family break it down and build a healthy family dynamic.

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