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Anxiety & OCD

  • Do you find yourself experiencing panicked sensations on a regular basis; sweaty palms, racing heart beat, dizziness, inability to concentrate?

  • Do these feelings occur before you go take an exam, go to work or when you walk into a new situations?

  • Do you find it hard to "hold it together" in front of your loved ones and friends? 

  • Do you have the same thoughts that something bad will happen to you if you don't do something? Are intrusive thoughts manifesting and ruining your day to day? All of this can be exhausting especially not feeling like there is a solution?

Anxiety affects people at different levels of intensity, and sometimes it is difficult to identify what triggers your anxiety. Anxiety affects your mind, body and emotions to the point where you may need to develop tools to learn to recognize how to address anxiety symptoms before they grow and escalate. OCD can manifest in many different ways. By using Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Exposure Response Prevention, we can work together to reduce intrusive thoughts and break the OCD cycle.

I help teens and adults navigate through the challenges of growing up and making decisions to develop confidence, connection and find purpose. My goal is to help individuals break down and process- where do i belong, how do I figure out this career stuff, what is my purpose, why is it so hard to maintain a healthy relationship. 

I strive in helping adolescents and young adults find positive coping skills that they enjoy instead of turning to drinking, getting into trouble or struggling with food. Hobbies and passions are a vital part of self-care along with healthy eating.

If you have tried talking to family and friends and they can't relate, it may be time to seek therapy. In session, I use CBT, DBT, ACT and ERP to help you identify thoughts and feelings that contribute to your anxiety and teach you new ways to respond to stress. Life stressors are going to come and go, but it can be beneficial to learn coping skills to manage anxiety as these symptoms arise. 

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